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Sun City West PRIDES

Sun City West PRIDES, Inc.
14630 West R.H. Johnson Boulevard
Sun City West, AZ 85375
(623) 584-2878



Particular Residents Involved Doing Environmental Services (PRIDES

Sun City West PRIDES were organized on March 8, 1982, when it became evident that people would be needed in order to maintain our city according to the high standards that our residents expect. One of our founders and the first President was Joan E. Barnett.

In December, 2003, we moved into our headquarters in the other half of the building housing Helping Hands (14630 West R.H. Johnson Blvd.).  The SCW Foundation has provided the space in this building for the SCW PRIDES.  The SCW PRIDES celebrated their 30th anniversary on March 8, 2012.

 The PRIDES work an hour and a half on Saturday morning covering 26 miles of streets, sweeping gutters, curbs and sidewalks. We also trim shrubs and trees, spread and rake the rocks, as well as pick up the trash on public boulevards in SCW. In addition we have 9 irrigation monitors who maintain 26 miles of plastic pipe for watering trees and bushes. Although you may see many of our members dressed in their orange vests or jackets and caps on other days, our major effort is on Saturday mornings.

In January, 2004, we added a crew that works on Tuesday morning taking care of the grounds and parking areas in the buildings housing the SCW Posse and SCW Foundation offices and the building housing the Helping Hands and the SCW PRIDES.

It isn't all work either. We have our social life, which includes a general membership meeting after work on the 3rd Saturday of the month at which time we enjoy coffee, rolls, and donuts that are furnished by the Sundome merchants.

In addition, we have a Spring Picnic, which is scheduled for March.  Our Christmas Luncheon is scheduled for December.  Other fun social activities are our “Ride with the PRIDES” program and free coffee at Bashas after the Saturday morning work. 

Several clubs recognize and thank the PRIDES with breakfasts.  The Sun City West Women’s Club is scheduled in March with the Sun City West Men’s Club serving our members in November. 

A great deal of our work is physical, but we still have a need for volunteers to help with record keeping, communicating with our members and the public, computer input activities, purchasing equipment and supplies, maintaining our equipment, and help in serving coffee, rolls, and donuts at our monthly meetings. Maybe you have a talent or skill that we haven't mentioned.

Perhaps we need you and haven't discovered you yet. Women, men, winter residents, full time residents are welcome in the SCW PRIDES. There are no dues and no uniforms to purchase; the County provides us with safety vests and work gloves for our members and we never take attendance. For more information call (623) 584-2878, or send us an email to . If you cannot join us in our activities, we certainly welcome any financial help you may care to give (donations to the PRIDES can be tax deductible as we are a 501(c)3 non-profit).

We are self sustaining as well as tax exempt, so a check made out to:                                                        

Sun City West PRIDES Inc.
14630 West R.H. Johnson Boulevard
Sun City West AZ 85375  

will be appreciated and used in our community.